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Which Tools, Downloads and Patches are available for the CASIO IT-300?


SDK, manuals, and sample applications can be downloaded after login. Your dealer will be glad to give you direct assistance.



  IT300_Overview.pdf 27.11.2013 IT-300 Overview (Administrators) 1.00
  IT300QuickStart.pdf 25.03.2011 IT-300 Quickstart Guide (Developer) 1.01
  IT300_UsersGuide.pdf 30.03.2011 IT-300 User´s Guide 1.00

Communication & Driver Software

  CASIO USB Cradle Driver.zip 28.10.2009 CASIO USB Cradle Driver (32bit) for Microsoft ActiveSync 1.00
  lmwin.zip 31.07.2014 LMWin & Cradle Driver Software (32/64bit Version) 7.15


  SetupUtility.zip 02.07.2012 CAB FILE Automatic Setup Tool 2.06
  ELISA.zip 15.03.2012 Enhanced Laser and Imager Scanner Application 2.21
  SecurityOff.zip 30.07.2010 Security Off (Windows Mobile) 1.00

Patches & Service Packs
For easy installation we recommend using the CAB FILE Automatic Setup Tool. It looks for all CAB files in the same directory and installs them if necessary. If you place the utility into the path \CE\ARM\ on either a storage card or the "FlashDisk" folder, it will be launched automatically after a reset. For further details please refer to the manual that is shipped with tool. Hint: CAB files won't be deleted automatically, if you set the file attribute to "read only".

  ActiveMenu127EN.zip 24.04.2013 Active Menu (Kiosk Mode) 1.27
  it300ActiveMenu110.zip 09.05.2011 IT-300 Active Menu Patch 1.10
  MultiLanguageIT300.100.zip 20.08.2011 IT-300 Asian Language Pack 1.00
  it300DocViewer111.zip 09.05.2011 IT-300 Document Viewer Patch 1.11
  IT300RecPatchEN101.zip 21.05.2014 IT-300 Required Patch Files 1.01
  it300sp100.zip 09.05.2011 IT-300 Service Pack 1.00
  ObrRdpSettings.zip 08.06.2012 RDP Scanner Settings 1.00

Performing a "Full Reset" deletes all data and resets varous settings to their defaults. Data stored in FlashDisk or Storage Card remain unaffected. Perform a full reset whenever any of the following conditions exists:

  • When you want to delete installed programs and settings, and resume the terminal to the initial condition.
  • When you are no longer able to use the terminal, because you forgot the password.
  • When the terminal does not operate normally.

Important: Performing a full reset deletes all data. If possible, make a backup of your data to PC, FlashDisk, or Storage Card.

While holding down Fn key and CLR key, push down the reset switch for about 3 seconds with the tip of a pointed implement such as a mechanical pencil until the warning message appears on the display. To cancel the full reset operation now, press the MENU key. Otherwise, press the trigger key twice. Finally, full reset starts and all data in memory is erased.


Terminal Emulation (3270, 5250, VT220, and HTML)
With the trial version, you can connect to your host computer for up to 40 connections. There is a time-out associated with the length of connection time. Following this evaluation period, you will have to purchase a registration key to unlock the trial version. Please, follow this link to the download area.


The following files should/can be installed on the CASIO IT-300-15E:

Description Filename Mandatory (+)
Optional (*)
Remark No.
IT-300 Required Patch Files IT300RecPatchEN101.zip +  
IT-300 Service Pack it300sp100.zip +  1
IT-300 Active Menu Patch it300ActiveMenu110.zip *  1
IT-300 Document Viewer Patch it300DocViewer111.zip *  1
RDP Scanner Settings ObrRdpSettings.zip *  2
Active Menu (Kiosk Mode) ActiveMenu127EN.zip *  3
IT-300 Asian Language Pack MultiLanguageIT300.100.zip *  4


  1. Those files are already pre-installed as part of the OS on devices produced April 2011 or later (ROM ID 1104-2210). If you try to install those patches again, an error will occur.

  2. If you use laser scanner in RDP session with pre-installed scanner utility, it might be necessary to modify registry depending on application running on PC. For further details please refer to the scanner settings.
  3. Only necessary if you use Active Menu. 
  4. Chinese (Simplified/Traditional) & Korean SIP (OS ROM ID 1104-2210 with SP 1.00 required)
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