Design - Stability - Reliability
Cash registers from CASIO are designed to integrate into dealership, hospitality and bakery systems. We offer tailor-made solutions for kiosks, bakeries, cafés, boutiques, as well as restaurants, bakery chains, drinks centres or hotel applications. Extremely easy-to-read displays, robust keyboards and low-noise printing facilities form the base for ergonomic operation. The devices can be positioned and operated quickly, making working with a Casio device a real pleasure – including for staff.

High-performance basic equipment
The product and goods category memories are large, with an integrated tax and reduction handling system. It is just as easy to work with a central table-top administration as with flexible mobile use. Extensive report and accounting details provide the required overview of your turnover. The system is rounded off with security settings such as the electronic journal and data transmission functions.

The accessible interfaces provide an elementary basis for connecting additional components such as printers, scanners or scales. Many cash points already come with the Dallas magnetic lock for operator registration as standard. Online interfaces also offer outstanding connection possibilities with order mobiles, or simply linking several cash points to form a high-performance unit.
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