Solution for bakeries
The solution of the future in the bakery sector: the CASIO cash point systems for large bakeries, bakery branches and family-run companies impress with their reliability and diversity. They are easy to operate, robust and can be adapted easily to the individual requirements of a bakery business. The heart of the system is the special software perfectly suited to the sector. For example, it enables several customers to be served at the same time, orders and returns to be managed and work time to be recorded via a staff number.

Function highlights

  • Several space-saving cash points can be used in a "network"
  • Several operators can book at the same time independently of each other and switch between the cash points
  • Central staff database enables simple and secure staff registration
  • The cash point carries out the invoice, order and returns management. The data is simply recorded by the staff and transmitted electronically
  • Product master can by updated online at any time
  • Turnover data for individual cash points / branches can be accessed from the central computer. This can be carried out manually or automatically according to a set schedule.
  • Turnover data recorded via central PC software CER to be printed out, analysed or transmitted to established goods management programs on the market
  • The system is also equipped with money drawers in various sizes
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