Chatsworth Road

Casio helps the Chatsworth Road High Street Fight Back

Customer: Venetia's Coffee Shop and L'Epicerie Grocery & Delicatessen
Product: V-R100 KC
Casio's new V-R100 KC AndroidTM platform EPoS and its Cloud based Casio Business Portal is helping three East London small businesses breathe new life into their local high street. Shane's Restaurant, Venetia's Coffee Shop and L'Epicerie Grocery & Delicatessen are installing a Casio V-R100 KC AndroidTM platform Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) system using the Casio Business Portal, to speed up business processes, assist in business planning and forecasting, as well as help control business costs, stock and wastage.

Often seen as the preserve of larger retailers and businesses, an EPoS system helps businesses to manage sales and inventory data, providing detailed reports allowing in-depth analysis of business performance. The high cost of implementing a full-function EPOS system has often been seen as a barrier to adoption amongst independent businesses, leading them to rely on basic cash register technology instead. The V-R100 KC and Casio Business Portal offers all the tools and features associated with a traditional EPoS system at a significantly lower cost of installation.

"EPoS systems are an invaluable tool that really help you understand what is really happening with your business" explains Shane Harrison, chef proprietor of Shane's on Chatsworth. "By giving you detailed overview and analysis of sales data, it gives you the power to forecast required stock and staffing levels accurately. In today's tough trading conditions it is these small savings that can make the difference between success and failure."

All based on Chatsworth Road, in the heart of Hackney, one of London's most up-and-coming neighbourhoods; these three businesses have helped to raise the profile of a high street that was previously home to a high number of vacant units and lower-quality outlets. A large influx of young professionals to the area in recent years has created an increased local demand for quality food and drink establishments.

"Hackney is one of the last areas in London where quality housing within commuting distance to the city centre remains affordable" added Shane. "Because of this, the neighbourhood has seen a young and vibrant cosmopolitan community develop who are all screaming out for local eateries, fashion outlets and bars to spend their disposable income."

"Independent businesses can be the driving force in reigniting local high streets, as recently witnessed in Broadway Market not far from here. By employing local staff and using local suppliers, independent traders can help boost local economies versus multiples that may be focused solely on increasing takings and profits without contributing anything back into the community."

(i). Accurately monitor stock
(ii). Predict profit margins
(iii). Forecast busy spells and
(iv). Manage staff rotas much better
(v). Have better day-to-day control of their costs
(vi). Calculate estimated electricity cost savings of around
85% as power consumption of the V-R100 KC is very low.

In addition to this, the Casio Business Portal allows the proprietors to remotely download new customer business applications and to monitor their store activity from any location via an internet connection. These applications can include electronic paperless receipts, promotional vouchers and tokens, customer booking facilities and customer loyalty schemes.

"In terms of being able to keep track of stock levels, I've seen a huge difference already" says Venetia Strangways Booth, owner of Venetia's Coffee Shop, which has been operating on Chatsworth Road for over 4 years. "Before, we were using a regular cash register set-up and it was difficult to get an accurate idea of what was being sold, especially if I wasn't around the shop to keep an eye on things. I can now see how busy the business is, wherever I happen to be, in real-time giving us a real chance to be a competitive business."

Casio are now shipping the new V-R100 KC AndroidTM platform EPoS to other small independent retailers looking for a solution which is far more intelligent than a basic cash register, without the high cost attached to a fully-grown PC based EPoS solution.

"Many small businesses think that EPoS systems are an unnecessary expense, whereas in reality, they really can't afford to be without one" said Guy Boxall, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Casio. "With the Casio Android EPoS system and AndroidTM cloud business portal, we have created a powerful, affordable and easy-to-use business tool that is essential to any modern retail business."

"Small, independent businesses are the lifeblood of any community and the UK economy and we believe that with this innovative technology we are allowing business owners to access tools that may have previously been out of reach to them. Casio is committed to working with businesses to help local high streets fight back."
The product V-R100 KC
The V-R100 KC business support terminal operates on the Android™ platform. A software development kit (SDK) can be used to develop custom applications that enable the cash register to be easily integrated into existing structures for the Retail, Hospitality sector and other service providers.