La Fattoria Abrahamshof

Customer: La Fattoria Abrahamshof
Application area: Gorxheimertal, Germany
Product: CASIO QT-6600 Touch plus Orderman MAX2
Store in charge: THK Weinheim
The customer
You plan the party, we'll do the rest.

Whether you need a cold or hot buffet or special delicacies, we'll make sure you can welcome your guests without the stress.

Are you looking for a buffet prepared using our experience for your party or event?

The young Italian restaurateur Antonio Campanelli has been running La Fattoria since 1996. The restaurant seats 80 people inside and 80 outside in the beer garden. He loves fresh Italian cuisine and, as well as different seasonal menus each day, he offers his guests over 20 wines from his home region, Apulia.

He has worked with THK-Kassen since starting his career as a restaurateur. Since 2005, he has used clear and simple Touch Technology from Casio, which never lets him down. So it was no wonder that in 2010 he chose the new QT-6600 to optimise the payment process in the beer garden - with an Orderman MAX2 connection to supplement and simplify the process.
The product QT-6600
The 15" TFT touch screen with a resolution of 1024x768 XGA is particularly outstanding and can be read clearly even in difficult lighting conditions. The QT-6600 can be adapted quickly and conveniently to your individual requirements and the needs of your day-to-day business. Due to its small dimensions of 36.2 cm width, 35.4 cm depth and 36.8 cm height, the QT-6600 can be installed quickly and simply in a space-saving manner. The integrated customer display enables your customers to view the registered amounts. The extremely wide and bright screen can display up to 2 lines of 20 characters.