The Maltsters Pub

The Maltsters Pub Upgrades Service
with the Stylish Casio QT-6600 EPOS Terminal

Customer: The Maltsters Pub
Product: CASIO QT-6600
The Maltsters
The Maltsters pub dates back to the 1700’s and has been known by a variety of names – The Jolly Farmers, The Jolly Maltsters and finally The Maltsters. The family run pub is situated in a beautiful setting with a large beer garden overlooking the scenic Broad at Ranworth, Norwich. With three fulltime employees and eleven part-time employees, they serve on average 1,500 customers weekly during peak seasons.

The Challenge
The previous installation was due for an upgrade.

Roy Hunt, owner of the pub explained:
“The former system was tired and dated. I’ve worked with EPoS systems in the past with back office software for over 10 years. But I felt it was time to modernise my system and I started enquiring new solutions with local dealers.”

The Requirements
Roy required a modern solution that would be easy to train staff with and looked stylish in the bar. The EPoS solution had to be speedy, easy to train staff with and was simple enough to change and update food menus.
The Solution
The solution had to be cost effective with a quick set-up.

Roy explains:
“About two years ago, I went to the Catering and Hospitality Show in London and I saw the Casio systems and I immediately felt that it would meet my needs for a number of reasons. I was particularly drawn to the friendliness of the screen. I knew a lot of my part-time staff would pick up training easily and the pictorial references make it simpler to pick up.”

Key Features of the QT-6600
  • Expert floor planning
  • Excellent clear graphics
  • 15 inch colour LCD
  • Secure operator log-in via Dallas keys
  • Touch panel and control
  • Splash proof
  • Integrated rear display
  • Optional external thermal printer
  • Enhanced functionality for the end user
  • FTP functionality
  • Optional magnetic card reader

Roy comments:
“The Casio software is very good. The hourly sales reports are incredibly helpful. It helps you to paint a picture of your business hour by hour. It’s been interesting working with in my two pubs where one doesn’t have the software and one does. The tills with the software are so much productive compared to the tills without the software.”

The Benefits
The Maltsters has benefited enormously from the QT-6600:
  • Comprehensive and customising reporting
  • Sales are sped up with the large LCD touch screen
  • Optional Casio Hospitality back office software for complete stock management
  • Expert floor management system
  • Stylish design with small foot print that ideally fit into tight spaces
  • Simplified graphical split bill operation

Roy explains:
“I’m a huge fan of back office software and we use CBMS. The solution enables simple seasonal stock and profit comparisons. The back office software assists me to calculate profit margins for new products swiftly. As we have lots of part time staff, if they work only one shift a week, the Casio tills are a simpler system and easier to get grips with which was especially useful for the part timers.”

“I feel extremely comfortable that I’m using an EPoS terminal from Casio. I feel that Casio is a brand that we can all trust. I think that you could stop anyone in the street and ask them what they thought of Casio and I imagine that people will agree with me and say that they are innovative inventive and ahead of the field,” Roy comments.

The Future
Roy is very pleased with the Casio solution and is considering installing the QT-6600 in his other pubs.

Roy explains:
“I’ve had a very positive experience with the Casio solution. The main benefit is accuracy which has led to greater profitability. I would like to upgrade the system this year to include the total stock control element which I don’t currently have.”

“I can’t imagine how anyone can run a pub without your system, I’m that positive about it, I can’t imagine how they cope!”

Roy Hunt
The Maltsters Pub Owner

The product QT-6600
The 15" TFT touch screen with a resolution of 1024x768 XGA is particularly outstanding and can be read clearly even in difficult lighting conditions. The QT-6600 can be adapted quickly and conveniently to your individual requirements and the needs of your day-to-day business. Due to its small dimensions of 36.2 cm width, 35.4 cm depth and 36.8 cm height, the QT-6600 can be installed quickly and simply in a space-saving manner. The integrated customer display enables your customers to view the registered amounts. The extremely wide and bright screen can display up to 2 lines of 20 characters.