The New Inn Pub

The New Inn Pub in Norwich Re-Opens with the Easy To Use Casio QT-6600 EPoS Terminal

Customer: The New Inn Pub
Product: CASIO QT-6600
The New Inn
Based in Rockland St Mary in Norwich, the New Inn Pub first opened its doors in 1853. With seven employees and serving roughly 60 covers a day, Mick Walker re-launched the pub in October 2011.

The Challenge
The New Inn Pub was Mick’s first Pub. To minimise risk, he wanted a reliable and efficient EPoS system that was proven in the market place.

Mick explains:
“We needed a till because we felt that there wasn’t a speedy enough cash register here to begin with. As we are new to the business, our Punch Taverns Business Relations Manager (BRM) suggested that we should have an EPoS solution that would help us with stock taking and show us exactly what we are selling. This would have massive long term benefits.”

The Requirements
Mick was searching for a fast and cost effective solution that would be easy to set-up, quick and simple to train staff. An EPoS solution that would manage both the front-of-house and back-office requirements was essential. For a suitable solution, Mick approached MicroTill who were working in conjunction with Punch Taverns.
The Solution
After carefully assessing Mick’s requirements, MicroTill had suggested the QT-6600 with Casio Business Management Solution Software (CBMS).

Mick explains:
“The Casio EPoS system was suggested to me because of the quick and easy set-up. I was advised that it would thoroughly help me with stock taking and real time sales and stock inventory.”

Key Features of the QT-6600
  • Touch panel and control
  • 15 inch colour LCD
  • Expert floor planning
  • Splash proof
  • Excellent clear graphics
  • Optional magnetic card and secure operator log-in via Dallas keys
  • Integrated rear display
  • FTP functionality
  • Enhanced functionality for the end user
  • reader
  • Optional external thermal printer
  • Optional Wireless Waitressing system

Mick explains:
“The Casio terminal has been very straight forward and the staff have picked it up really quickly. As our menu changes frequently, it has been easy to add new products onto the till by using the back office software.”

The Benefits
The Cabin Pub has benefited enormously from the QT-6600:
  • Stylish design with small foot print that ideally fit into tight spaces
  • Expert floor management system
  • Comprehensive and customising reporting
  • Optional Casio Hospitality back office software for complete stock management.
  • Simplified graphical split bill operation
  • Sales are sped up with the large LCD touch screen

Mick explains: “I can clearly see the benefits of being able to see what I’ve sold and when I’ve sold it. This helps enormously when ordering because I will be able to look back and see what products were and were not selling. Overtime, it will be great when I can look back at the seasons and make comparisons over time. Bar side, the overall all till experience has been excellent, quick and simple, and I’m really pleased with it. The tills have been easy to use and fool proof.. Anyone can use it! I can clearly see the long term value and benefits of owning a Casio EPoS solution”.

The Future
Mick is eager to improve serving time and the overall all customer experience further, with a final comment, “I am considering the hand-held device for the summer and our outside tables. We are also excited to launch our loyalty card scheme in the next few months which will be brilliant for our regular customers.”

“I would recommend the Casio EPoS solution to another pub owner without a doubt. The ease of use is the main feature that we have all benefited from.”
Mick Walker
The New Inn pub owner

The product QT-6600
The 15" TFT touch screen with a resolution of 1024x768 XGA is particularly outstanding and can be read clearly even in difficult lighting conditions. The QT-6600 can be adapted quickly and conveniently to your individual requirements and the needs of your day-to-day business. Due to its small dimensions of 36.2 cm width, 35.4 cm depth and 36.8 cm height, the QT-6600 can be installed quickly and simply in a space-saving manner. The integrated customer display enables your customers to view the registered amounts. The extremely wide and bright screen can display up to 2 lines of 20 characters.