Historic Semperoper opera house

Customer: Historic Semperoper opera house
Application area: Dresden, Germany
Product: CASIO QT-6600
Store in charge: CR-Dresden
The customer
In Vienna, the Austrians have their annual "Opernball" (opera ball) and now the Germans once again have their "SemperOpernball" or SemperOperaball.

Designed by architect Gottfried Semper in 1841 as a "royal theatre", the Semperoper opera house was re-opened in 1985 after being destroyed many times. In 2006, the SemperOperaball was staged at the Saxon State Opera in Dresden, Germany, for the first time in 67 years.

The catering for this event involved providing a diverse menu and culinary specialities for over 2000 guests. The 255 employees served around 1800 gourmet dishes, 800 meals, 1000 oysters, 150 lobsters and 800 bottles of champagne.

An average of 900 to 1000 bookings were taken daily on the CASIO QT-6000 cash registers used by CR-Stange, which is based in Dresden and is highly successful. The first Dresden Operaball was considered a resounding success by all involved.
The product QT-6600
The 15" TFT touch screen with a resolution of 1024x768 XGA is particularly outstanding and can be read clearly even in difficult lighting conditions. The QT-6600 can be adapted quickly and conveniently to your individual requirements and the needs of your day-to-day business. Due to its small dimensions of 36.2 cm width, 35.4 cm depth and 36.8 cm height, the QT-6600 can be installed quickly and simply in a space-saving manner. The integrated customer display enables your customers to view the registered amounts. The extremely wide and bright screen can display up to 2 lines of 20 characters.
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